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Rohan Shravan, the Notion Ink boss, has been quite generous in doling out some really exciting information on the developments on his love- Adam. His Week-End Special part IX also comes with some really exciting updates on Adam. In his latest post, he starts with a small teaser video on Adam, which is definitely a sign of the arrival of Adam. 

With the winner of the logo competition at place, many Adam enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting for it but the company has run into some problems as the selected logo resembles the logo of some other company’s registration page logo. The Notion Ink guys are pretty sure that the winner of the Notion Ink logo competition could not have seen this but similarities between the two makes things a little slow here. They are communicating with the said company and if they are fine with it, we will soon get an update on this. 

The blog post reveals more details on GPS navigation software, email application and file manager. 

Notion Ink Adam Tablet

GPS Software: According to the blog post, the Adam GPS software has entered beta status and is well-versed in 43 languages. Maybe, the Notion Ink guys will add some more languages later. 

Mail’d: Regarding the email application (called Mail’d), the post says it will come with many of the regular features seen in other mail systems but will also come with some features like missing attachments, offline mode, and unsend an email. The Mail’d will be updated with more features in January. 

Sniffer: Sniffer is the “extremely fast and handy File Browser”. It is pretty clear that it isn’t the final version but it definitely looks pretty good. 

The Matt: There is some talk on Adam’s screen, and some of the issues the developers at Notion Ink have come across (particularly the matte finish of the screen). The blog explains how the team overcame the degradation and displacement of green pixels in the display. 

Notion Ink Android Tablet Release Date

It is pretty clear that pre-booking will start in early December but they have not revealed any fix release date of Adam. It is expected to release around Christmas in the USA and other countries while the Indians may have to wait for some time before they have Adam in their hands.

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